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EduSolve releases BrightSTEP, Student Success System

Wisdom-Based Decision-Making

BrightSTEP provides the essential wisdom to support your school’s student success and safety initiatives. Using the latest AJAX-enabled web application technology, BrightSTEP enables the identification and case management of students at-risk. Choose BrightSTEP as the most relevant and meaningful tool in your toolbox to ensure student success. More Information


GradePARtner 2.0 is now available

Eduwave is pleased to annouce that GradePARtner 2.0 is now available. Rebuilt from the ground up using Microsoft's latest web technology. GradePARtner gets a face lift and a wealth of new features to assist in the identification and tracking of students at risk. GP2 includes a new navigation system and many new features not found in GP1 or any other web-based teacher grade book programs. GP2 features a brand new graphing engine that enables unlimited ways to look at student achievement data to ensure student success. GradePARtner continues to push the envelope of promoting assessment literacy through the power of a thin client web application. For more information about GradePARtner, contact


New Website

In celebration of the availability of GP2, we've redone the look of our website. We hope you enjoy the new design.







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